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    • HDMI Extenders

      HDMI Extenders

    • VGA Extenders

      VGA Extenders

      When a long VGA Cable run is required, a VGA Extender over Cat5 or Cat6 allows longer cable runs than conventional VGA Cables. The use of an ethernet cable over a larger VGA Cable can also overcome cable conduit restrictions saving installation time and the cost of oversized conduits.

    Rack Equipment rack-panel

    Rack Equipment

    Avoid the limitations of off the shelf rack equipment and have us manufacture a 1RU or 2RU panel to suit your application. All rack blanking panels are made to order and can be produced within a day or two. Constructed from a rigid extruded aluminium channel and then linished and anodised.


    With an unlimited option of holes, text, and connection you can have us design the product, manufacture and populate your panel or have us cut and engraved using your drawings. Even have your brand promoted using a blank panel with your logo and contact details.

    • 19 Inch 1RU Panels

      19 Inch 1RU Panels


    • 19 Inch 2RU Panels

      19 Inch 2RU Panels



    We stoke wide range of adapters.

    • XLR


    • speakON


    • opticalCON


    • etherCON


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