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3.5mm Audio

Right angle, threaded, female stereo audio jacks. Used for connecting speakers, headphones, MP3 players or stereos. Labelled 'Audio' or 'PC Audio'.

Binding Post

A connector commonly used to terminate a single wire. Each binding post contains a central rod and a cap which screws down upon it. The cap is gold-plated and features a colour coded plastic band (red-positive and black-negative). They are usually used to connect loudspeakers or audio amplifiers.

Cat 5e

Category 5 cable (commonly known as Cat 5) has been superceded by Cat 5e. This type of connection supports computer networks such as ethernet and is used to carry voice and data signals.

Coaxial- 75ohm

Also referred to as a PAL connection. This type of connector is used to connect satellite and local broadcast antennae to receivers or televisions.

Coaxial- F-Type

F-type connectors are used for terminating a range of coaxial cables (eg. RG6, RG59). They are crimp connectors. Click here to view the crimping tool kit for RG6 quad shield F-type connectors. This type of coaxial connector is used to connect Pay TV and MA TV. Labelled 'TV ANT'


Component connectors are a set of 3 RCA connectors which provide a colour format through 3 separate channels- red/green/blue. Component video provides sharper colour images than Composite or S-video. Labelled 'Component'.


Composite connectors are a set of 3 RCA connectors which provide a colour format through a single channel (yellow) and use two audio connections as well (white for left channel and red or right channel stereo audio). Labelled 'Audio', 'Left', 'Right'.


A crimp connection requires a crimping tool to terminate the connection.


Digital Visual Interface. There are 3 types of DVI connections- DVI-I, DVI-A or DVI-D, but the connectors we use at Alectro are compatible with all three types. Our "Dual-Link" or "Single-Link" connectors allow you to connect digital and analogue devices. DVI connectors are used for HDTV, LCD monitors, laptops, projectors and high-end video cards. DVI Wall Plates.


High Definition Multimedia Interface. At Alectro we use quality female to female HDMI connectors in all our wall plates. HDMI is used for uncompressed video and digital audio. HDMI connectors are found on DVD players, projectors, set-top boxes and modern gaming consoles. HDMI Wall Plates.

Multi Gang Plate

A single wall plate with pre-manufactured holes to snap pre-fabricated connectors into. Click here for Alectro Data Wall Plates

Multi Gang Surround

A plastic surround which can accommodate 2 or more wall plates. Multi Gang Wall Plates.


At Alectro, most of our plates can be produced in a horizontal or vertical orientation according to your preferences. Please keep in mind, we are limited by the dimensions of the wall plate and text options when requesting a vertical orientation. (In a horizontal arrangement we have a max of 2 rows and in a vertical arrangement we have a max of 3 rows due to space constraints).


RCA (Radio Corporation of America) connectors used at Alectro are quality gold-plated female-to-female connectors which allow you to plug your pre-moulded RCA cables securely into the front and back of each wall plate. We can also provide you with RCA female-to-solder connections at your request.


Registered Jack 11. A 4 position modular jack. This is often the connection between your telephone handset and the base.


Registered Jack 12. A 6 position modular jack. This is the connection used in most modern telephone systems- the connection between your phone and the wall.


Registered Jack 45. An 8 position modular jack. This connection is a network / ethernet connection used for transfer of data and can also be used for networked phones.


Known as Separate video / super video / S-VHS. This is an analogue signal which transmits brightness and colour information as two separate signals along the same cable. It does not carry audio on the same cable. S-video offers a better image quality than composite connections, but not as good as component connections.


A USB A-type connector is rectangular in shape and is often used to plug into the computer or USB storage device.


A USB B-type connector is square and it is the end which is attached directly to a device such as a digital camera or USB printer.


Video Graphics Array. Alectro uses only quality VGA female to female connectors which allow you to attach a VGA cable securely to the front and back of the wall plate. VGA offers a more stable image over longer distances than digital protocol such as DVI or HDMI allowing distances of up to 40m. VGA Wall Plates