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Custom Wall Plate - HDMI - NC3FD-LX - NJ3FP6C -...

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Requirment: Design and supply a single horizontal clipsal 2000 plate and incorperating the following connections: 2 XLR for audio,...more

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Custom Stainless HDMI Speaker Panel

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Requirment: Supply and manufacure a custom stainless AV panel to incorperate mulitiple Neutrik and Switchcraft D-shell connections...more

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Custom Polycom Camera Shelf

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Requirment: Using a customers design, manufacture a shelf to hold a video conferancing polycom camera with a false wall to conceal...more

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Custom Enclosure to Suite Kramer SV-301xl &...

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Requirment: Design Manufacture and populate 1 x Aluminum custom enclosure to house (1 x Kramer SV-301xl, 1 x SV-306 and assorted N...more

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Custom Mini Flush Floor Box

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Requirement: Manufacture the smallest floor box possible to accommodate a chassis mount feed-through more

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Custom Copper Wall Plate With Shroud

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Requirment: To supply a six gang wall plate to house 240v light switches. Finish of the product was to be bright copper and and to...more

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