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  • How long can a VGA cable be run?


    The primary purpose of a cable is simple: typically, this is to accurately and reliably convey data and information – be it an analogue or digital signal; or an audio or video-based one – from a source unit (such as a computer) to a receiver unit (such as a display monitor). Despite often being similar in appearance, design, and – to an extent – functionality, not all cables are created equal: in fact, certain cables possesses their own advantages and disadvantages over other cables. Each have their own benefits and limitations, particularly when it comes to length: some cables can run an excess of twenty metres and still accurately reproduce a variety of high quality video and audio signals – sometimes simultaneously. Other cables won’t reliably perform at lengths of over five metres. But how long can a VGA cable be run?


    Video Graphics Array cables can adequately work with a number of various screen resolutions – however, each one needs differing bandwidth rates. The longer the VGA cable runs, the lower the available bandwidth – a reduction that significantly affects the highest possible screen resolution offered. A short VGA cable effectively accommodates a resolution of 1920x1080 effortlessly, whereas a long cable could be capped at 1024x768. Excessively long cables might even struggle with reaching an 800x600 screen resolution.


    Be sure to consider and balance your picture quality and resolution needs with the installation environment afforded to you: a rudimentary VGA cable run over lengths of 5 or 10 metres could pose serious problems for reliable and accurate video reproduction. Graphical anomalies such as image tearing, screen flickering, or else a total loss of signal can all be encountered at such cable lengths. However, a VGA over CAT5/6 cabling extender can boost bandwidth exponentially: this sender and receiver pair enables resolutions of 1024x768 to reach 75 metres, with 640x480 reaching 300 metres.

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    How long can a VGA cable be run?

    How long can a VGA cable be run?

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