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  • What is DVI & How Do I Choose an Optimal Length Cable?


    A widely-used form of video interface technology, Digital Visual Interface (DVI) is designed to maximise the quality of data produced by current-gen computer graphics cards – a signal which is then outputted through a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitor. As a replacement for the briefly-used Plug & Display (P&D) standard in computer video technology, DVI cables also serve as a superior processing standard to the digital-only interface of the Digital Flat Panel (DFP) format used in LCD displays of the past. Most of the latest graphics cards released on the computer market today come with one or two output ports for DVI cables, due to their immense quality in signal production.

    Prior to the industry-wide adoption of the High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) format for seamless audio-video signal delivery, DVI cables were originally the digital transfer standard for premium video displays such as HDTVs and DVD players. Today, however. DVI is the optimal choice exclusive to computer video displays.

    When it comes to choosing the optimal length of a DVI cable, it's important to remember that, while a digital video signal does not degrade like the analogue signals of yesteryear, the length of a DVI cable can influence the quality of visuals and graphics reproduced by a monitor. DVI cables between 9 and 10 metres in length reliably produce strong and clear, uninterrupted signals on LCD displays. However, using a DVI cable reaching 12 metres in length often results in an unusable image due to undesirable video anomalies such as artificial signal noise, pixel 'sparkling', screen flickering, and image shaking. Using any DVI cable exceeding 12 metres in length typically results in total signal loss – a blank screen with no images rendered whatsoever. Therefore, a DVI cable shorter than 9-10 metres is ultimately ideal for the most clear, artefact-free signal reproduction possible.

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    What is DVI & How Do I Choose an Optimal Length Cable?

    What is DVI & How Do I Choose an Optimal Length Cable?

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