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    A baseline video standard in PC technology during the 1990s, analogue-based Video Graphics Adapter/Video Graphics Array (VGA) maintained its dominance as a connector format right up until digital video solutions swept the market. However, despite its age, VGA is still a widely used legacy connection in home entertainment – largely due to its diverse range of technical applications coupled with its budget-level operation costs. VGA connectors can be found on a variety of video source units: these include everything from TVs, display monitors, laptops, and computers through to electronic whiteboards and projectors.


    There are four versions of the VGA connector available: the DE-15 – also known as the Mini Sub-D15 – comes with 15 pins spread across three rows in both original and VESA DDC2 (Display Data Channel) pinouts. With fewer features, the 9-pin VGA connector is less common whereas Mini-VGA is primarily used for small-scale devices such as laptops. The High Density D-SUB male plug and female socket of VGA connectors are capable of a minimum screen resolution of 640x480 at 31.5 KHz. Their pinout is as follows:


    Pin 1: RED – Red video signals

    Pin 2: GREEN – Green video signals

    Pin 3: BLUE – Blue video signals

    Pin 4: ID2/RES – formerly Monitor ID bit 2; now RESERVED since E-DDC update

    Pin 5: GND – Ground (HSync)

    Pin 6: REDRTN – Red video return

    Pin 7: GREENRTN – Green video return

    Pin 8: BLUERTN – Blue video return

    Pin 9: KEY/PWR – formerly key (no pin); now an optional +5V DC output from a graphics card

    Pin 10: GND – Ground (VSync in DDC)

    Pin 11: ID0/RES – was Monitor ID bit 0; now RESERVED since E-DDC

    Pin 12: ID1/SDA – was Monitor ID bit 1; now I²C bidirectional data line since DDC2

    Pin 13: HSync/CSync – Horizontal Sync or Composite Sync

    Pin 14: VSync – Vertical Sync (also functions as a data clock)

    Pin 15: ID3/SCL – formerly Monitor ID bit 3; I²C clock since DDC2

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    VGA Cable Pin Out

    VGA Cable Pin Out

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