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  • Data Connections On Our Custom Plates


    Many customers enquire about including a data connection on custom plates. Data connectors are generally used with a modular type of plate; Clipsal have these available, with spaces on each plate for either 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 modules. We use this type of plate for our data and TV antenna ranges of plates that can be found on our website.


    Many connectors types are available in this modular form, including USB, HDMI, 3.5mm Audio, Toslink, RCA and of course Data and TV connectors. However, larger connectors such as VGA, DVI and XLR aren’t available mainly because of they’re size. This presented a challenge to us – how could we combine modular connectors and these larger connectors on the same plate?


    Using Clipsal’s B30GFZ moulded clip, we can mount any Clipsal 30 series mechanism to a custom plate using two M3 screws. We can either provide the plate complete with this clip and the required mechanism, or just the clip so you can provide a mechanism of your own.


    The only limit to what we connectors we can include is the space available on the plate.

    When using Clipsal’s C2000 (Classic) or SC2000 (Slimline) series of plates, the screw heads can be hidden under the plate cover for a flush finish.

    Clipsal B30GFZ


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    Data Connections On Our Custom Plates

    Data Connections On Our Custom Plates

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    Im looking for 1 custom clipsal plate with 2 Hdmi points, 1 optical audio point and 1 data point.
    I also require 1 clipsal custom plate with 2 hdmi points, 1 optical audio point, 1 data point and 1 tv outlet. Can you let me know if this is possible and if so send me an invoice and ill get it payed asap. Thanks
    Shane Ryan
    Blueprint projects pty ltd

    by anonymous at 21-03-2017