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  • HDMI vs VGA - Difference, similarities and benefits


    HDMI vs VGA: Difference, similarities and benefits
    Though similar in some respects, HDMI and VGA cables differ in a large number of ways yet both offer their own unique benefits. HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) and VGA (Video Graphics Array) refer to interface standards: their cables are utilised to connect a whole host of devices – laptops, personal computers, Blu-Ray and DVD players – to display screens such as LCD televisions, computer monitors, and projectors.


    HDMI cables are hot pluggable: that means they can both connect and disconnect from source devices and monitors while in use – interrupting the transmission of a data signal will not cause any hardware damage. HDMI processes both video and audio signals through the use of either a 19 pin or 29 pin configuration. Importantly, HDMI only deals with digital based signals – these cables serve as the industry standard for new electronic devices.


    Conversely, VGA cables are not hot pluggable. As an older standard, their set of 15 pins can only carry and transmit RGB (Red Green Blue) video signals. In contrast to HDMI cables, VGA cables only deliver analogue based signals – however, this efficiently functions as a viable interface solution for working with older displays such as CRT monitors.


    When it comes to compatibility, the functionality of both HDMI and VGA cables can be effectively boosted thanks to premium quality converters. HDMI cables are afforded backwards compatibility through the use of DVI and VGA adapters, while VGA cables can be equipped with VGA to DVI or VGA to HDMI converters in order to deal with more modern interfaces.


    One major difference between the two interfaces lies in the sonic department. HDMI cables deliver a range of audio signals such as Super Audio CD, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio while VGA offers no such support – an extra cable is needed for outputting sound.

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    HDMI vs VGA - Difference, similarities and benefits

    HDMI vs VGA - Difference, similarities and benefits

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