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  • HDMI 2.0b Overview


    HDMI 2.0b is the most recent update of the digital-only interface’s specifications. As a firmware upgrade, HDMI 2.0b is fully backwards compatible with past versions of the High Definition Multimedia Interface. It does not require the purchase of additional connectors or HDMI cables in order for consumers to enjoy significantly enhanced audio-visual experiences – the new integrated software enables these improved features. As such, current high-speed connections provided by Category 2 HDMI cables are more than capable of processing these advanced key features.


    Improvements include:

    • The transmission of HDR video: High Dynamic Range refers to a wider array of subtle shades and colours carried by an HDMI cable and accurately reproduced in video signals on a display monitor. HDR also extends its influence to provide increased brightness, darker shadows, and vivid colours for an ultimately more realistic image
    • A significant increase in bandwidth: HDMI cables can now send and receive data at transfer speeds of up to 18 gigabits per second in order to accommodate increasingly sophisticated audio and video signals. This results in crisper sounds, higher frame rates, and deeper colours
    • Support of 4K video resolutions over HDMI cables at refresh rates of 50 and 60Hz: Ultra HD 2160p content is four times clearer than 1080p content
    • 32 audio channels that deliver truly superior multi-dimensional sound through HDMI cables: the best quality audio at a sample rate of up to 1536kHz
    • Dual video streams produced simultaneously on a single screen to multiple users over HDMI cables
    • Multi-stream audio is simultaneously outputted through HDMI cables to up to four users
    • Audio and video streams are dynamically synchronised by HDMI cables for smooth playback
    • Higher aspect ratios: wide angle theatrical 21:9 video is now supported by HDMI cables
    • Increased Consumer Electronics Control functionality: expanded user command of capable devices through streamlined control point integration


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    HDMI 2.0b Overview

    HDMI 2.0b Overview

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