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  • Customizing labelling on our standard plates


    We include standard labelling when you purchase a plate from us, unless you choose to have no labeling at all. However for some applications, it may be preferable to have customized labeling, so users can easily tell either what type of connectors are on the plate, or are able to ascertain the source or destination of the signal. This can be particularly useful when there are multiple signals travelling to different destinations, from the same plate. 

    Customizing the labeling is easy. Just call or send us an email with what connectors and labeling are to be on the plate, and we will provide pricing, turnaround time and also a drawing if required. You can provide the specification for a plate, or you can take one of our standard plates from the website and request changes to the labeling appropriately.


    Custom Plate Builder
    There’s also a custom wall plate builder on our website, at the below URL. Using this form, you can list the required connectors and labelling, as well as choose the plate orientation and colour. If you can’t find the connector type or plate type you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll do our best to source it for you.


    Since we manufacture many of our standard and custom plates “to order”, we don’t charge any premiums for customizing the labeling on our plates, even if there are many characters or symbols. Due to our lean and efficient manufacturing process, custom plates generally do not take any longer to make than standard plates; approximately 1-2 working days depending on quantities and connector types.

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    Customizing labelling on our standard plates

    Customizing labelling on our standard plates

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    Hi, can you give me an idea what it would cost to label a six gang HPM linea light switch? We have ones with 1 to 6 gangs and was wondering what it would cost to get them individually labelled.

    by anonymous at 16-03-2018

    Hi Anonymous, thank you for your comment. If you would be kind enough to send us an email at we would be happy to send you a quotation. Rich@Alectro

    by anonymous at 19-03-2018