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  • Custom rack engraving and machining


    We can 1RUs and 2RUs can be easily customised by adding your company branding, labelling of connections, grouping connections, machining custom profiles and can be populated with your choice of connections. Our 1RU and 2 RU panels are constructed from extruded aluminium with a top and bottom rail to asset the panel to say ridged once the RU has been fully populated.


    There is no minimum order qty required and express services are available for those last minute jobs. Typical small Qtys of panels supplied with text only and machining can be supplied in 1-2 days, larger Qtys will be quoted with an estimated production time.


    All of the connection we supply are supplied as Neutrik and Switchcraft unless specified otherwise. Custom profiles can be cut to suit 3rd other party connection like VGA and DVI. Also AMX, Creston and Extron components can be integrated into the back of the panel with port savers or mounted onto the face of the panel.


    The parts can be designed using supplied DXF or PDF files, or we can design using a list of connection in an email. Please feel free to post any question or contact us directly with requirements or questions.

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    Custom rack engraving and machining

    Custom rack engraving and machining

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    what would a 2RU rack panel cost, populated with 16 DVI F-F joiners, and some engraving?

    by anonymous at 06-09-2016

    Hi there, thank you for your question.

    I would be more than happy to submit a quotation for pricing of:

    2RU Black Aluminum Anodised panel [With Text]
    16 x DVI female to female [1-16]
    Text to be laser etched TBC

    Regarding pricing, if you could email your contact details to I will forward pricing through.


    by moderator at 06-09-2016

    Could you do a 4RU?

    by anonymous at 10-09-2019