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  • Custom Wall Plate Labelling Processes


    There are a few different methods we use for labelling different materials. It all depends on the desired finish, and on what type of labelling that will adhere sufficiently to the material.

    Digital Printing
    We use a digital printer to label all of our plastic wall plates. This a versatile tool, since not only can we print labelling on white as well as black and otherwise coloured plastic plates, we can also print colour logos and images using any colours in the CMYK colour spectrum. The ink is permanently cured on to the surface of the plastic and is extremely hard-wearing.

    This method can also be used on anodised aluminium and many other materials, but achieves mixed results on stainless steel since it has a very hard, non-porous surface.

    Laser Etching
    This process is used for etching labelling into anodised aluminium and stainless steel, as well as certain plastics for Traffolite labels. This is another permanent process that achieves a very precise and clean result. We have also used this machine to cut acrylic, for custom items such as fascias, flanges and spacers.

    Engraving and Paint Filling
    This is a process we occasionally use on materials such as clear anodised aluminium and certain plastics. It is a slightly more costly process, but it essential for materials that are not suited to being digital printed or laser etched.

    Screen printing
    This is also a process we occasionally use for printing coloured labelling or logos on materials that are not suited to being digital printed or engraved. This process is done by a third party graphic solutions specialist.

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    Custom Wall Plate Labelling Processes

    Custom Wall Plate Labelling Processes

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    can you please do send me the quotation with sample prints on switch plates can it have multicolor prints as well apart from laser etch on the switch plates

    by anonymous at 09-08-2016

    Hi and thank you for your enquiry.

    Multiple colours can be printed for text and even full colour images. Typically we would use digital printing on plates like Clipsal, HPM or Legrand and would use laser etching on a stainless or aluminium wall plate or panel.

    When printing onto Clipsal wall plates, either Standard series, 2000 series, Classic or Slimline. The colour of the print typically used is white text for black plates and black text for white plates, generally whatever gives the most contrast for the best viability. When colours other than white are required on black plates, we print a base of white is first and then the required colour or image printed over the top of the white with a small amount of bleed to get a full cover of the white underneath.

    A quotation for sample text will be forwarded through shortly, thank you for your question.


    by moderator at 10-08-2016