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  • Custom Engraved Electrical Switch Plates


    Have custom text engraved on any brand of electrical wall plate from PDL Modena 800 Series plates to the Clipsal metal plate range. Customise Standard switch plates to easily identify after hour push buttons for After hours lighting, After Hours Air-conditioning, "Press to Exit" or "Push to Exit" door release wall plates. Add a "For Service Call 1300" to your plates to promote your brand even after the project is complete. Label your field data wall plates with the network port or identify a GPOs DB and circuit breakers number.

    In addition to custom engraving, printing or etching electrical switch plates we can machine custom hole profiles to suit your application. From simple holes to suit a LED switch, emergency exit button or to retrofit a third party product we can design manufacture and assemble with no minimum production runs.


    Digitally Printed: This is our standard procedure for producing cost efficient permanent text. Using this method we can achieve a hi-resolution finish for simple text or full colour images. This process is not only limited to white plates but can be printed onto any colour plate fulfilling a majority of applications.

    Laser Etching: This process is typically used to precisely mark Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel - Bright Annealed, Nickel Plated, Brass, Aluminium, Copper or Chrome Plated materials. The high-resolution marking is a permanent bonding method of a ceramic glazing material to the substrate by use of a laser. The finish is a High-contrast Black that can be used for test or images.

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    Custom Engraved Electrical Switch Plates

    Custom Engraved Electrical Switch Plates

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    Hello i have a bunch of electrical plates with ratty label printed text. Can i send you a picture of each plate and you can give me a quote on getting them all done?


    by anonymous at 01-05-2016

    Hi, thanks for your comment. If you're able to send the images through to our general enquiries email (see "Contact Us" page) we'd be more than happy to reply with a quotation.

    Richard @ Alectro

    by moderator at 02-05-2016

    Hi Need 1 standard clipsal 4 gang labeled NBN, Data, VoIP and VoIP.

    Also 1 standard clipsal 3 gang labeled NBN, Data and VoIP.

    Would appreciate pricing and delivery

    by anonymous at 27-02-2017

    We are a high end Intercom company and for a current system quotation we need to have; Volume Up and Volume Down labels printed on white Plastic dual Light Switch panels (x60 units).
    See the Picture below as an idea of the type of plate being considered. Note this may not be the plate used in the final run.

    We need you to Quote for 60 Units
    • Top button text “ VOL + ” .
    • Bottom button text “ VOL – “ .

    We will leave the Orientation of the text blocks for you to decide, but please send a picture of your envisaged final result if possible. So we can agree or suggest changes e.g Font size, type etc, if required.

    Please let us know what type of printing, etching or engraving technology you think best for us to use, along with the associated Quoted cost of each. If there are advantages and disadvantages of the various technologies please list those as well.

    We look forward to receiving your prompt reply.

    by anonymous at 03-01-2018

    Hi Anonymous, thanks for your comment. If you're able to send your contact details through to we'd be more than happy to reply with a quotation.

    Richard @ Alectro

    by anonymous at 07-01-2018

    Hello, i would like to get a price on engraving a 2 gang clipsal c 2000 wall plate in the landscape position. I would like text on the plate above and below the mechs as well as on off on the mechs them selves. Kind regards Darren

    by anonymous at 30-04-2018

    Hi I would like to get a 3 gang switch plate engraved. The plate is Clipsal mounted in a vertical orientation, I would like it to have a heading at the top saying -
    “Air Conditioning zone” then next to each switch going from top to bottom labeled -

    I can send through a picture of the plate with labels that are on there but would prefer to get them engraved.

    by anonymous at 15-10-2018

    Hi, thank you for your email. Your email address unfortunately didn't come through, could you please get in touch directly by phone or email? Many thanks!


    by Richard at 15-10-2018

    Can you please advise the price to print on a white HPM five gang switch plate in the vertical plane the following, light, heat, fan, mirror, towel rail, can be in position of your choice but would like light in centre,
    Regards, Jim Dixon.

    by anonymous at 04-11-2018

    Hi just wondering if u make a custom 12 gang switch
    Plate ??

    by anonymous at 19-03-2019

    Hi Anonymous, thanks for your comment. If you're able to send your contact details through to we'd be more than happy to reply with a quotation.

    Richard @ Alectro

    by anonymous at 19-03-2019

    I need one Clipsal Iconic Vivid White 2 gang plate engraved for the plate fitted horizontally. One gang marked "Upstairs" and the other marked "Downstairs" with Engraving above marked "A/C Zones". Is that possible?

    thank you

    by anonymous at 04-10-2019

    Hi and thank you for your question regarding engraving onto the Clipsal range of Iconic 3000 Series plates

    Rather than engraving onto these plates using a rotary engraving machine. We digitally print directly onto the Clipsal Iconic Series plate. So yes, we can mark up these plates with the mentioned text as required.

    Please feel free to call through or emails us directly should you have any further questions.


    by James at 07-10-2019