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  • Choosing optimum length HDMI cables


    For many, one of the best things about the traditional analogue video formats of old was their robustness over distance – unwavering signal reproduction at great lengths. Some users claim to have run analogue component video cables over hundreds of feet without the need for as much as a booster box to help keep the integrity of their transmitted signal together. When HDMI was first introduced to the market, many users had significant issues running signals over modest distances: HDMI cables of up to 15 feet would be reliable but anything longer was not. Though functionality has improved significantly over the years, HDMI seems unable to ever truly rival analogue video cables for reliability over distance. When it comes to choosing the optimum length of HDMI cable to comprehensively cover your needs, the following info is just one handy guideline to go by if you need to run a HDMI cable distances of up to 20 metres.


    A basic HDMI cable is one that effectively meets the dedicated HDMI certification standard with no extras built in.  However, higher priced cables can offer greater image resolutions over longer cable lengths while providing increased splitter and switch functionality. When it comes to direct connections between powered display monitors and source devices at short lengths of up to 20 metres, a budget level HDMI cable works best. In terms of price, these cables can range from the cheapest, most basic HDMI cables on offer right through to superior quality and premium grade products such as the high-end series of Amped Onyx cables. At their most fundamental level, however, these particular entry level HDMI cables contain the necessary nineteen cores of high-grade copper in addition to varying degrees of shielding. The level of protection provided is based on each cable set’s value and pricing point.


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    Choosing optimum length HDMI cables

    Choosing optimum length HDMI cables

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