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  • Can I connect VGA directly to Composite, Component or S-Video?


    Despite the fact that Video Graphics Array (VGA), Composite video, Component video, and S-Video all work with analogue video signals, there exist numerous differences between these interfaces that affect direct interconnectivity.

    Composite video deals with transmitting Standard Definition (SD) video – typically at resolutions of 480i or 576i – over a single channel in either PAL, NTSC, or SECAM formats. With a single yellow RCA connector/phono plug, Composite video is able to process video information only and does not carry any audio signals. One wire is responsible for conveying a wide range of colour video data signals – it can, however, be paired with other RCA connectors (typically red and white or black) in order to accommodate the left and right audio signals required for stereo sound.

    Also known as Separate Video, S-Video separates both black and white signals, in addition to colour, achieving higher quality images than Composite video – though it offers reduced colour resolutions in comparison to Component video. Component video deals with analogue video signals that have been split into two or more component channels – typically transmitted or stored as three distinct signals. This is in contrast to the more basic, solitary line-level functioning of composite video.

    A Composite and S-Video to VGA and Converter provides streamlined format interconnectivity with Standard Definition (SD) to High Definition (HD) conversion capabilities. This enables users to view Composite or S-Video signals in higher quality on a Component or VGA monitor at 720p or 1080p – images that have been scaled to higher resolutions than natively offered by the older interfaces. A frame rate conversion feature also enables a VGA-equipped monitor (such as a PC monitor) to display VCR, DVD or Video Game sources at increased direct output resolutions such as XGA, SXGA, and UXGA. NTSC and PAL inputs are automatically detected by the converter.

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    Can I connect VGA directly to Composite, Component or S-Video?

    Can I connect VGA directly to Composite, Component or S-Video?

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