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  • Can I convert VGA to an HDMI cable and what methods can be used?


    Though both process signals from various source devices, Video Graphics Array (VGA) and High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) do not offer native interconnectivity between one another. This incompatibility is primarily due to significant differences in processing capabilities: the older VGA connector deals with analogue-based, video-only signals whereas the newer HDMI format processes both digital video and audio signals simultaneously. However, despite these differences in functionality and age, a VGA to HDMI converter is one method that provides inter-format support.


    Powered by USB, these particular converters transform the video data outputted from a VGA source device (such as a computer graphics card) and convey it to an HDMI display (such as an HDTV monitor) without users needing to upgrade their receiving units. This enables analogue video signals locked at lower resolutions to be displayed at Full HD resolutions of 1080p. A 3.5mm Stereo Audio source cable can also be utilised in conjunction with a converter in order to effectively streamline two separate analogue signals into one high quality digital signal: the combined audio/video signal is then transferred over a single cable to an HDMI AV output via digital link.


    A simple, user-friendly VGA to HDMI converter unit efficiently supersedes the additional dedicated amplifier and receiver units previously required to convert these two distinct signals. With no switches or setup required, the analogue to digital processing power of a VGA to HDMI adapter results in accurate, picture perfect video as well as lossless audio – a superior quality audio-video signal converted through the use of a plug and play box.


    However, some LCD and Plasma screens may not support the entire range of high definition video resolutions, so signal compatibility may be limited depending on your display unit. Additionally, VGA to HDMI converters are not bi-directional and will not convert HDMI back to VGA signals.

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    Can I convert VGA to an HDMI cable and what methods can be used?

    Can I convert VGA to an HDMI cable and what methods can be used?

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