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VGA Extenders

VGA (Video Graphics Array) extenders serve as electronic devices that effectively increase the strength of an analogue video signal - hence why VGA extenders are also referred to as VGA boosters. Primarily produced by a computer, this video signal is subsequently transmitted through a VGA port to a display monitor – typically an older display such as a CRT screen. With the advent of digital technology – cheap yet superior quality video reproduction – the analogue signals that VGA extenders work with have fallen by the wayside in recent years. However, they were generally utilised in facilities such as offices, businesses, schools, and homes – wherever multiple monitors needed to function off of a single VGA port or where extensive cable lengths between computers and monitors were required.

Unlike digital video signals, analogue video signals suffer significant reductions in quality over long cable lengths – generally over 15 or 20 metres. Therefore, when it comes to analogue video signals, a compromise is often needing to be made – a shorter cable offers better picture quality and resolution capabilities at the expense of convenience and user functionality. If a VGA cable runs too far without a compatible extender, the images reproduced are blurred and subject to compression artefacts such as screen flickering, image tearing, or even a complete loss of video.

However, an externally powered VGA extender – complete with sender and receiver units with Ethernet and CAT cable connectivity –  provides local viewing and remote display capabilities of simultaneous video at increased resolutions of up to 1920x1200. An additional 3.5mm stereo socket also enables the communication of audio signals in both local pass-through and remote transmission functions. Individually-isolated peak and gain knobs on a VGA extender offer comprehensive configuration options – they effectively enable you to dial in and tweak the optimal picture and video feed for your needs.   


VGA Extenders

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2 products - page
Powered CAT5 VGA Extender (Baluns) with Audio AC1671

Powered CAT5 VGA Extender (Baluns) with Audio

This VGA UTP Extender 1X1 Splitter with Audio is an ideal device for local displaying and remote viewing. It combines split function and extension function. It distributes the input of the VGA signal and audio signal into the local and remote outputs simultaneously. Receiver by Cat5 x1 works with the Sender as a full functional module by receiving the distributed signal from the sender and transmitting to display.

$102.85 Inc
VGA Extender over Cat5 up to 250m SL-VXT-250

VGA Extender over Cat5 up to 250m

Extend VGA signal over Cat 5 cable up to 250 metres

  • Uses standard Cat 5 / 5e / 6 UTP or STP cable
  • Supports resolution up to 1920 x 1200
$229.00 Inc