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Over the cause of the last ten years, we have supplied custom AV wall plates to the public, commercial, industrial and government sectors. Including Marine, Education, Hotels, Defence, Transport and Mining. During this time we have continued to build our online database of products and now with over half a million wall plate product combinations online, we believe that our standard wall plate product range is unmatched worldwide.

Of cause regardless of the available configurations that we offer online, we also provide a custom wall plate service where we can manufacture a product specific to your needs. This service has no minimum order requirement and can be shipped directly to you or your customer.


  • DisplayPort Wall Plates

    DisplayPort Wall Plates

  • HDMI Wall Plates

    HDMI Wall Plates

    Alectro HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) Wall Plates are available in a variety of configurations, but we can also customise one for your particular purpose. All of our Alectro HDMI Wall Plates use a quality HDMI female to female connection that allows you to securely attach a HDMI cable to the front and back of each plate. Alectro HDMI Wall Plates can handle high bandwidths as well as uncompressed video images and multichannel digital audio. Alectro HDMI Wall Plates are perfect for DVD players, set-top boxes and projectors or even PlayStation 4 or Xbox 360.

  • USB Wall Plates

    USB Wall Plates

    Alectro USB (Universal Serial Bus) Wall Plates are available in a variety of configurations, but we can also custom make one for your particular purpose. The most commonly used USB connector is a USB-A Type female to female which is the default connection in all of our USB Wall Plates. Alectro USB Wall Plates are perfect for both PCs and Macs and can be used to connect keyboards, USB printers, scanners, external hard drives and other standard USB devices.

  • RCA Wall Plates

    RCA Wall Plates

    Alectro RCA (Radio Corporation of America) Wall Plates use a quality gold-plated female to female RCA connectors designed to allow you to plug your pre-moulded RCA cables securely into the front and back of each RCA Wall Plate. RCA connectors are also available on many of our other types of Wall Plates for ease of installation. On our Alectro RCA Wall Plates we can provide you with an Audio connection (comprised of white and red RCA connectors), a Composite connection (yellow for composite video, white for left channel and red for right channel stereo audio), or a Component connection (providing a colour format through 3 separate channels- red/green/blue). Some of our RCA Wall Plates will also feature S-video (super video) connectors which use an analogue signal to carry video data as two separate signals- brightness and colour- in the one connector. However, it does not transmit audio on the same cable.

  • VGA Wall Plates

    VGA Wall Plates

    Alectro VGA (Video Graphics Array) Wall Plates all use quality VGA female to female connectors that allow you to securely attach a VGA cable to the front and back of each plate. VGA is an analogue computer display standard found on many video cards, computer monitors and other devices. The female to female through connections used in Alectro VGA Wall Plates make installation a breeze saving both time and money. These VGA connectors eliminate the tedious need to solder thus reducing any faults and creating a hassle-free connection.

  • DVI Wall Plates

    DVI Wall Plates

    Alectro DVI (Digital Visual Interface) Wall Plates are available in a variety of configurations, but we can also custom make one for your particular purpose. Alectro DVI Wall Plates use quality DVI-I connectors in all of our DVI Wall Plates. They are "Dual-Link" or "Single-Link" female connectors which are compatible with DVI-I, DVI-A and DVI-D devices. Alectro DVI Wall Plates allow you to connect both digital and analogue devices and have the ability to transmit 165 million pixels per second and bandwidth resolutions up to 2048 x 1536p - suitable for HDTV. Alectro DVI Wall Plates are perfect for flat panel LCD monitors, projectors, laptop interfaces and video cards.

  • XLR Wall Plates

    XLR Wall Plates

    This range of Alectro wall plates features cut-outs for XLR connectors. 3 Pin XLR (XLR3) connectors are the most common type of XLR connector and can be used for many domestic and professional audio applications including microphones, connectivity with audio workstations/mixing desks, and some loudspeaker setups. Our XLR connectors are available with a female socket which allows you to plug your XLR cable securely into the front of the plate, and with solder cups on the back of the plate for XLR cable termination on-site. XLR cutouts are available on many different models of Alectro Wall Plates for ease of installation, and upon application, we can provide Neutrik XLR connectors in the four, five, six and seven-pin variants. These all have different applications, ranging from intercom headsets to delivering DC power, to controlling professional pyrotechnics and fog machines.

  • DET Wall Plates

    DET Wall Plates

    Classroom User Input Panels & User Output Panels
    The following has been structured to adhere to the requirements as set out in the IWB, Projector & Speaker Installation design - for Capital Works - Version 2.81 - September 2010 by the Department of Education.

  • Optical Wall Plates

    Optical Wall Plates

    Optical Wall Plates designed to allow you to plug your pre-moulded Optical cables securely into the front and back of each Optical Wall Socket

  • S Video Wall Plates

    S Video Wall Plates

    S-Video Wall Plates designed to allow you to plug your pre-moulded S-Video cables securely into the front and back of each S-Video Wall Socket

  • Speaker Wall Plates

    Speaker Wall Plates

    Is your house looking messy with all the cables coming out of your costly & dear speaker system? Worried about using speaker wall plates which might spoil the look of your décor? Alectro specialises in customising speaker wall plates according to your requirement with a look & colour of your choice. Check out our range of readymade speaker wall plates ideal for your custom theatre room.

  • 3.5mm Audio Wall Plates

    3.5mm Audio Wall Plates

    3.5mm Wall Plates designed to allow you to plug your pre-moulded 3.5mm cables securely into the front and back of each 3.5mm Wall Socket

  • Stainless Wall Plates

    Stainless Wall Plates

  • Antenna Wall Plates

    Antenna Wall Plates

    Antenna Wall Plates designed to allow you to plug your pre-moulded Antenna cables securely into the front and back of each Antenna Wall Socket

  • Data Wall Plates

    Data Wall Plates

    Our data wall plates and outlets are available with CAT5e or CAT6 RJ45 connections. CAT5e connectors are either available as female to female couplers or with a krone/110 punch terminator on the rear of the plate, and CAT6 is available with the krone/110 punch terminator. This type of connector is generally used when transmitting data within a computer network and is commonly found on computer and laptops, along with routers, modems and the more modern TVs and DVD/Blu-Ray players with networking capabilities.

  • BNC Wall Plates

    BNC Wall Plates

    Either connecting RGBHV cabling, HD-SDI cabling or CCTV via a wall plate, our pre-labelled plates should have you covered. If not and a custom plate configuration is required, please do not hesitate to contact sales for a formal quotation,

  • Wall Plate Accessories

    Wall Plate Accessories

    Wall Plate Accessories - 30 Series Moulded Mounting Clips & Insulating Sleeves and Shrouds, Cablemate and Moulded Cable Clips, Classic & Eclipse, Clipsal Bitsabox and, Cord Anchors and Grommets, Economy Value Pack, Fire and Acoustically, Metal Wall Boxes, Metal plate, Miscellaneous, Moulded Mounting Blocks, Mounting Accessories, Mounting Blocks, Mounting Blocks and Flanges, Mounting Blocks Entry Types, Mounting Brackets Plates and Clips, Multigang Clips and Mounting Brackets, Nuts and Wall Plugs, outdoor Outlets Weather-protected Boxes & Enclosures, Plastic Wall Boxes, Power Drive Bits, Prestige, Quick Refer, Rated Wall Boxes, Screws, Slimline, Special purpose Mounting Blocks and Loom Wiring Fixing Plates, Standard, Surface Enclosures. Should you not be able to find the Clipsal product required, please contact sales for a formal quotation on any of the Clipsal product range.

  • Panel Mount Connectors

    Panel Mount Connectors

Buy Cables Online Connected

Buy Cables Online

Stay connected and lead the way with our commercial grade range of AV and computer cables.

We stock high quality cables for data and AV, VGA Cables, HDMI Cables, coaxial cables, USB Cables, Panel Mount Cables and much more. Alectro’s AV and data cables are manufactured using high quality materials, offering premium performance and reliability.

Can't find the cable you need or need assistance with selecting the right product, contact our sales team for assistance to source the right product to suit your application today.

  • HDMI Cables

    HDMI Cables

    Explore our extensive range of HDMI cables below. We stock HDMI Cables in a variety of lengths including 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 5m, 7.5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 30m & 40m. Order yours today for quick delivery.

  • VGA Cables

    VGA Cables

    Browse our range of HD15 VGA, Video Graphic Array, Male to VGA Female Computer cables. These can be used in conjunction with any of our VGA wall plates. Contact us for more information on any of our products.

  • DVI Cables

    DVI Cables

    Select from our range of single and dual Link DVI cables in lengths ranging from 30cm to 20 metres. Designed to carry high-quality video signals from the DVI output on a PC to the DVI input on a projector or display device. Please contact us for further information.

  • USB Cables

    USB Cables

  • RCA Cables

    RCA Cables

  • 3.5mm Cables

    3.5mm Cables

  • S Video Cables

    S Video Cables

  • Network Cables

    Network Cables

  • Fibre Optic Cables

    Fibre Optic Cables

  • Panel Mount Cables

    Panel Mount Cables

  • DisplayPort Cables

    DisplayPort Cables

Extender Extenders



  • HDMI Extenders

    HDMI Extenders

  • VGA Extenders

    VGA Extenders

    When a long VGA Cable run is required, a VGA Extender over Cat5 or Cat6 allows longer cable runs than conventional VGA Cables. The use of an ethernet cable over a larger VGA Cable can also overcome cable conduit restrictions saving installation time and the cost of oversized conduits.

Rack Equipment rack-panel

Rack Equipment

Avoid the limitations of off the shelf rack equipment and have us manufacture a 1RU or 2RU panel to suit your application. All rack blanking panels are made to order and can be produced within a day or two. Constructed from a rigid extruded aluminium channel and then linished and anodised.


With an unlimited option of holes, text, and connection you can have us design the product, manufacture and populate your panel or have us cut and engraved using your drawings. Even have your brand promoted using a blank panel with your logo and contact details.

  • 19 Inch 1RU Panels

    19 Inch 1RU Panels


  • 19 Inch 2RU Panels

    19 Inch 2RU Panels



We stoke wide range of adapters.

  • XLR


  • speakON


  • opticalCON


  • etherCON


Featured Adapters